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Please Touch Museum - "If you’re there with your family, the Please Touch Museum is a great spot. The kids can go there and touch and feel the different exhibits – so it’s very interactive. Great place to visit if you’re in Philadelphia for one day."
Fairmont Park - "You gotta go and spend some time in Fairmont Park. There are 38,000 acres of park property that’s owned and controlled by the city. It’s not all contiguous like a Central Park would be, but it’s in various sections of the city. So it depends on whether you’re doing West Philly, North Philly, South Philly, or Center City. There’s park everywhere in Philadelphia and Fairmont Park is the ticket."
Wells Fargo Center - “You gotta get down to the Wells Fargo Center to see basketball. College basketball or pro basketball. Or you can see hockey… if you want to have the Philadelphia experience in the winter, you have to see the Sixers or the Flyers."
XFINITY Live - “Finally, you've got to go see Dr. J’s statue. That’s down at the XFINITY Live!, which is in South Philadelphia. There is a statue of the man with the pose going to the hoop about 32 years ago. That’s a must-see for your bucket list if you’re in Philadelphia for a day."
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