Despite Lawrence Kasdan once saying, “Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life,” I knew I wanted to be one at age 11. 
Being too young to know better (or who Kasdan was), I eventually landed in the profession after graduating from the UC Santa Barbara film program, putting words and bylines in print and pixels for anyone who’d pay me to do it. 
From screenplays (Slamdance Film Festival finalist) to magazine articles (People & BRNTWD) to digital (AOL) and branded content (as a Managing Editor at Uproxx), I hit almost every creative pursuit in the game. There was also a career in advertising, where I wrote a lot of words as a copywriter and creative director at ad agencies (RPA, Wong Doody & Bullpen), working on many successful campaigns.
But eventually, it all led me back to entertainment, where it all started.
Today, I can be found at The Rosenzweig Group, a talent management and production company that bears my name, but was in no way started by me. At TRG, I’m both a Partner and Head of Development/Production where I focus on everything from original stories to client projects to writing, securing and developing IP for TV, film and streaming.

[A game of H-O-R-S-E vs. shortest NBA player ever, Muggsy Bogues.]
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