It's not everyday that you get the opportunity to work for a client, where one of their co-founders is an 18-time all-star who you've probably watched play 1,000+ games in their NBA career: Kobe Bryant. 
But that's where I found myself once I started working with Bryant Stibel, a value growth firm based in Malibu with $2B in resources under management, after starting a VC fund with $100M a few years before. 
In conjunction with the Bryant Stibel team, I interviewed 15+ CEOs, serial entrepreneurs and startup founders in their investment portfolio over a nine-month period -- before writing articles about their combined efforts to grow value in their companies. The stories, which appear as an evolved form of testimonials or "case stories," just launched on their new website in fall 2019 to positive reviews from their team.
If you're interested, I welcome you to have a peek:
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