The Curious Case of Cute as a Button

Be you 100 years old or 10 months, walking can be a challenging art form. The designer of this genius little old lady costume used hand-me down clothes, a costume beard for a wig and had the legs cut off a walker to execute this hilarious homage to grandmas everywhere.
Milk Drunk Hobo Baby

Watch the bottle there milk drunk hobo baby. Too much of that stuff and you'll end up here, starring in a photo gallery for the whole country to see. All the costume creator needed for this one was a Baby Beardo, a Bumbo Sitter and shard of cardboard. The 7-week-old baby did all the passing out on his own.
Send In The Clowns - The Sad Ones

Part of a good costume is really owning it. Take these two clowns. They're either remarkably in character or in desperate need of Zoloft. 
I'm A Serial Killer Doll, LOL

Being a bite-sized Chucky really is super cute. The evidence? This little number donning face paint, denim suspenders, a rubber knife and the smile of a child not on the fringe of killing a bunch of people. Awesome.
The Pirate of Poopy Pants (*An Off Broadway Prod.)

Arrgggghh! I can't see out my left eye. Somebody get me another eye quick before this saucy wench snatches the hidden treasure straight from me pants!
Two '80s Douchebags  (or Maverick & Goose)

Flight suits, check. Dog tags, check. Fake mustache, um, check. The knowledge that one of them doesn't actually survive their flight... uh, no check. Spoiler alert, btw.
"The Demon" Gene Simmons

Moms loves to give their little ones kisses... and Kiss costumes. This one took eight hours to concoct and comes complete with black lipstick, nail polish and a black-spiked choker. The dedication to the demon quality, well, that came courtesy of the tongue-wagging three-year-old. Rock on.
Baby Ruth

MVP. Triple Crown winner. Star of the Detroit Tigers. And all by the ripe age of 3. Wait, that's not actually Miguel Cabrera? No way. This little dude's mother made countless 60-mile trips to make this costume as authentic as possible. Custom jersey, eye black, HGH. It's all there.
"Mer-baby" on Daytona Beach

There mermaids, Mermen and now Merbabies. This little one's big splash onto the sands of Florida was no flop. Her mom worked overtime putting this number together. From the wig made of fur to the tail made out of sequin material backed with spandex to the stitched fins, this one got to sink or swim on its own merits.
Wayne & Garth, Excellent

Okay, the Wayne's World reference might be a tad dated, but if it weren't for this excellent execution, our two public access heroes might never get to schwing back into the hearts and minds of millions.
Baby's First Pot Boiling

With this rather faithful re-enactment of the relationship between chef and lobster, these costumed brothers really get inside the mind of the average lobster death. Now... back to our regular programming.
Edward Scissorhands Jr.

To successfully pull off Edward Scissorhands, you need an adequate amount of despair... and a mother who understands how to procure the right amount of pleather, face paint and plastic knives to cut up the rest.
Anger Management Candidate

If your kid's got anger management issues, just go with it. This 7-year-old wears this costume with a Bruce Banner-esque intensity. It comes with purple jogging pants, a white-t-shirt (two sizes too small), green face paint and the knowledge that he was adopted. No, not really.
Monopoly Men

Let's be honest, more than one big brother has wanted to throw his little brother into jail in his day. What's not bankable is how much the little dude will love it. This clever costume one-two punch, which comes with a stroller, a bushy mustache and a jailhouse prop made from "foam board, electrical tape, Sharpies and construction paper." Not to worry, the baby looks like he's seriously enjoying his 60-year sibling sentence.
Dire Straits Candy Addict

Homelessness is no laughing matter. That is, unless you're looking at this costume. This magical photo proves that if you let mom loose with fake goatee paint, bifocals and a Sharpie, she'll create blackmail material for life.
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