(The below excerpt is from a story originally published live on YP.)
The Rock 'n' Roll Cave
Few love their man cave so much, they ultimately decide to call it their business and home. Witness Dan Leap, a regionally loved guitarist from the band Pompous Jack, who designed his dream setting with Kiss, Guns N' Roses and Rolling Stones pinball machines, framed gold records and many of the guitar lamps he builds on a daily basis. Worth a gander -- the '57 Chevy couch, the guitar coffee table and stunning kitchen that's awash in flames.
The NHL Hockey Cave
As a lucky contestant on the DIY Network show,'Man Caves,' devoted dad Joe Bellestri got a little help from Tony "Goose" Siragusa and Jason Cameron in building this space once his 21-month-year-old twins needed a bigger room. What's in this hockey heaven? A big-screen TV, wall-size mural, $999 Dream Seats, royal blue lockers behind a frosted Plexiglas bar, and an ice rink-like floor made of high-gloss epoxy. No word on if he has a Zamboni clean up after each period.
The Home Theater Cave
Not many man caves have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, but Jeremy Kipnis' has. At his home in Redding, Connecticut, he's set up a $6 million home theater that feeds his great love of movies and music. It also feeds his business -- Kipnis Studios -- which builds ultimate home theaters for people like you and me. What's in it? Oh, merely an 18-foot screen, a Sony ultra-high-resolution digital cinema projector, 37 speakers, 35 amplifiers and bone-shattering 8.8-channel surround sound.
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