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Q & A With Chris Hoffmann, Inventor of the RYNO:

What's the inspiration behind your vision for the RYNO?
HOFFMANN: My 13-year old daughter saw a one-wheeled motorcycle in a video game seven years ago. She asked me if I could build one. For some reason, it struck me and I started thinking about each piece in the process and couldn't come up with a reason why I COULDN'T build one. I started playing around with designs and seven years later, here we are.
How about the RYNO's design inspiration?
HOFFMANN: The design inspiration was to build something that had an urban/rugged/technology feel to it, but was grounded by simple, useful and efficient parameters. Of course, the one-wheel element also created some unique design inspiration!

HOFFMANN:  It took six prototypes and seven years to get to where we are today. The crazy thing is the very first prototype we built to scale worked the first time! However, there was a lot of work still to be done around steering, ease of use, redundancy, safety, software and performance optimization. It's one thing to build prototypes and an entirely different challenge to take that prototype into production to sell in a retail environment.
Where do you anticipate the RYNO having the greatest benefit on productivity? Why?

HOFFMANN:  I think the greatest benefit on productivity will be in the industrial/security sector. It is cost effective, maneuverable, allows people to interact on a face-to-face level. It mingles well with pedestrians, allows people to cover a lot of ground much faster than walking and produces zero emissions. It's also a hoot to ride! Of course, we also feel it will be utilized in urban environments for short-distance commuting. People will use the RYNO to get from their apartments/condos to work or to run errands without having to get in their cars.
What are your favorite features of the RYNO?
HOFFMANN: One of my favorite features of the RYNO is the easy swap battery system. If you want to use the RYNO overtime, you can have a spare set of batteries on hand and swap them out in no time. None of our competitors can claim that. I also love the option to be able to buy an accessory rack, which accepts most standard bike pannier bags. It makes runs to the grocery store, carrying a rain coat, or gear for security/industrial work a snap.
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