(The below excerpt is from a story originally published live on YP.)
Carrillo's Tortilleria - San Fernando, CA
"I like to find kind of family-owned restaurants. There's a place called Carrillo's in San Fernando... I've been eating there my whole life. It's been there probably 70 years."
Guitar Center - Sherman Oaks, CA
"I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar since I was 15... I either go to Guitar Center in Hollywood or the one in the Valley on Ventura (pictured above). I always try to find hole-in-the-wall guitar places as well... and pick up some t-shirts or a guitar."
Dodgers Stadium - Los Angeles, CA
"I live near Dodgers Stadium now. The closer I get to Dodgers Stadium, the happier I am.”
Chateau Marmont - West Hollywood, CA
“In Hollywood, I love the Chateau Marmont... especially the garden outside.”
The L.A. Gun Club - Los Angeles, CA
“I’ve also been going to the LA Gun Club, which I didn’t even know they had one. YP helped me out there. Been going there to shoot a little bit.”
Soho House - West Hollywood, CA
“I’m a member of Soho House, down at the end of Sunset.”
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