Gibson's Bar & Steakhouse - Chicago, IL - "I love Gibson's, because they're known for their steak, but also for their desserts. You don't get cheated with the portions, they serve it family size. It's the biggest carrot cake you'll ever see and their desserts in general are amazing."
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA - "Another really good steak place that is a must-stop when we're in town. I also really like the atmosphere there -- it's really chill, kind of like the city of Seattle itself."
Tao Sushi - New York, NY - "Definitely my favorite sushi place in the U.S. It's a great stop to take friends to or meet people after the game. I love the spicy tuna roll there, it's the best I've had."
Prime 112 Steakhouse - Miami, FL - "I have to go with the best steakhouse in my hometown at No. 4. I go there a lot when I'm back during the off-season. Their steak is legendary and it's located in a pretty cool part of Miami Beach."
Prime Italian - Miami, FL - "Then I have to go with Prime Italian, which is in the same area as the Prime 112. Just like Gibson's, they give you family-sized portions of all their entrees and sides. You have to get the chicken Parmesan when you're there; it's the best when you're craving Italian food."

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