(This excerpt is from a piece originally published on YP.) 
Knott's Berry Farm 
ELVIRA: "My scariest number-one place is Knott’s Berry Farm, which at Halloween-time, becomes the Halloween haunt: The oldest and largest Halloween venue in the world. I perform nightly in my new circus-themed show, Elvira’s Big Top. It’s the original haunted venue..."
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
ELVIRA: "I insisted that they actually have the big party for the opening of my 1989 movie 'Elvira, Mistress of the Dark' hosted at the Roosevelt because there are all kinds of spooky things going on there. In particular, you can stand in the Blossom Room (which is downstairs in the basement) and there’s a cold spot. There’s no vent, no nothing… but you can walk through this cold spot, which I personally have experienced. And some say that if you’re looking at some of the mirrors in the ballroom... that the apparition of Marilyn Monroe appears behind you. I haven’t experienced that one, but I have friends who’ve said they’ve seen it."
Dapper Cadaver
ELVIRA: "It’s a death-related prop house and prop fabrication store. It’s kind of a mom-and-pop shop. What you get there is like severed limbs (body parts) and realistic cadavers. And this stuff is so realistic… every movie and television show that you've ever seen a body part … this is the place that it came from. You can also buy blood by the gallon, special effects makeup, super-realistic and super-creepy. They also do custom tombstones for yourself, your friends or your ex-husband. Just give them the name and the information and they’ll make it up for you."
ELVIRA: “It's full of bones, bugs, taxidermy. A few of my favorite things. If you’re in the market for human incisors or a mink penis in a vial, this is your place to go. They also have medical supplies that everybody needs in their home like glass eyes, anatomical hearts, bat skeletons, animal x-rays. They also have a really great line of paper products like creepy greeting cards, tarot cards and all kinds of bizarre books.”
Halloween Town
ELVIRA: “It’s a great place to go for Halloween because you can get lighting and special effects for your home haunted house. They make macabre home decor and awesome costumes for Halloween or any time of the year. They have a great selection of animated props for your yard or Halloween party.”
Museum of Death
ELVIRA: "This is really for the hardcore and I’m not joking. It’s got a lot to do with the deaths of serial killers and the deaths that they incurred. People have been known to faint there…mostly guys. This is not for the kiddies, let me tell you. If you want a place to take your family…if your family is the Manson family… then you will really enjoy the Museum of Death."
Creature Features
ELVIRA: "It's really kind of a landmark. It was there for years and then kind of folded up. Recently, it made its reappearance back in the Valley. It’s like the film and TV industry’s most comprehensive collection of fantasy, sci-fi and horror memorabilia. A lot of Elvira stuff, of course. There are toys, model kits, fan-zines, rare soundtracks from film and television shows. They host special screenings, book signings and special exhibits. You never know what you’ll find there. Really a staple in L.A."
Gold Bug
ELVIRA:  "My favorite store for all my birthday and Christmas shopping. It’s fantastic. It’s got art and jewelry...  I’m sitting here drinking coffee right now out of one of my snake cups [from there]. I have snakes, spiders and all kinds of macabre items. Just a beautiful store with one-of-a-kind spooky art items."
ELVIRA: "I go to this place all the time. It’s run by this adorable couple named Michelle and Ash Ghoulmore. They live the lifestyle. This store is all about horror-themed clothing and accessories. Really, really cute stuff… including lines of Elvira clothing and Vampira clothing. You can get a hair bow with an eyeball in it. Or a coffin-shaped purse. Really fun things... even for little kids."
Kristy's Nails/Ojai
ELVIRA: "I have a nail salon that does long, pointy nails and black. You’re not going to believe it… I schlep to Ojai to have my nails done. I have to leave town."

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