(The below excerpt is from a story originally published live on YP.)
It's impossible not to feel good when you're talking to Cedric the Entertainer. The easy going, fun-loving actor and comedian has a likability gene that has benefited him well on his climb up fame's ladder from his humble beginnings as a State Farm claims adjuster.

For his second annual Cedric the Entertainer Celebrity Golf Classic, the charismatic 'King of Comedy' star has been busy prepping his next big foray into the world of charity and plaid pants. Happening July 28th at Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo, the event benefits great causes such as the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo and The Brotherhood Crusade of Los Angeles.
He took a few minutes to tell me about the places that make him happy.
Juicy Ladies/L.A.
Cedric: "Juicy Ladies is an organic juice lounge with organic food in Woodland Hills. It has a great outdoor area, really fun fresh food and a bright orange awning outside, with chairs. One of my favorite places to go. Get up in the morning. Get the old-school car out. I got a ’41 pickup truck and I’ll ride a few blocks in it, stop there and get a juice. Maybe a little salad. Just sit outside and enjoy the healthy people. I look at people who are trying to get in shape and I’m inspired. 'Hey, wow, you’re lookin’ good. I’ll do that one day, but right now I’m just going to have this juice.'"
Beauty & Essex/N.Y.
Cedric: "I spend a lot of time in New York. So a couple of places I like there …one of my favorite spots is Beauty & Essex. A really cool restaurant with a facade that looks like you’re going into a pawn shop, which I really love. You pull up on the street and it looks like it’s some kind of small, quirky pawn shop with jewelry and weird artifacts. You’re met by a doorman... once you go inside and go behind a curtain, it’s this gorgeous restaurant with some of the most amazing food… You never know who you’re going to run into. Just a fun New York restaurant and a great place for me to chill and relax."
Cedric: "Also in New York, I love Catch. They also have one in Miami as well. Kind of Asian-fusion food, but very lively. You can see a lot of models hanging out there. It is that kind of young model set, the young party set in the Meatpacking District. And at the same time, the restaurant is chill, the food is really good. They put a steak on the hot rock and cook it to your own certain temperature.  Really cool innovative food, and great, fun atmosphere."
Xen Restaurant/L.A.
Cedric: "Xen Lounge is a unique spot in Studio City. A small place where you can grab a drink and a small bite. Really beautifully designed with great marble and iron work. And in the back, this big Buddha water fountain you can sit under and kind of chill in the moonlight. Makes for a sexy atmosphere in the Valley side of Los Angeles. It’s kind of rare to find something like that in the Valley."
Boogaloo Restaurant & Lounge/Atlanta
Cedric: "It’s kind of a restaurant/party spot. But they have these swings that they use for chairs at the bar. It’s like you’re at a picnic and a party at the same time. You swing up, grab your drink… Really good right in the central part of midtown Atlanta."

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